Local businesses are continuing their fight to prevent a cycle lane being built in Causeyside Street, a move they say threatens the very future of Paisley town centre.

Joining forces with local residents including Paisley West and Central Community Council, local businesses took to the streets on Thursday warning that there will be a catastrophic impact if the plans are allowed to proceed.

James Peacock of Phelps Butchers said: “We will do whatever it takes to keep fighting these proposals.

“If the council wilfully ignores the strong opposition to this scheme from the people who know the area best, then businesses will close and jobs will be lost, not to mention the risk to public safety – how can this be called improvement works?”

Kenny Fallon, of Kenneth Edwards Hair Salon, added: “No evidence of any economic benefit to the local community has been provided by the council.

“These works are simply being rushed through in order to meet a deadline to receive external EU funding with little regard to what it will mean for the people who live and work here.”

Liz Stewart of Finishing Touches, who has been running her business in Paisley town centre for almost 40 years, is concerned that people aren’t fully aware that as well as the addition of a cycle lane, changes to the flow of traffic are also included in the plan – changes she fears will worsen congestion and emissions as well as discourage people from visiting the town altogether.

“The proposed alternative routes onto Wardrop St, and George St are not adequate for the volume of traffic,” said Liz. “For others having to travel to Lonend, and filter back along Gordon St, is absolutely ludicrous.

“This is not about being against cyclists, it’s about making sure Causeyside Street is safe for everyone.

“I do wonder if the planners and councillors realise or actually care about the devastating effect this will have on the businesses that attract people to the area.”

Also strongly opposing the plans is the Paisley West and Central Community Council, with Chair John Wilby, stating: “The Community Council has produced a further report that clearly reveals Renfrewshire Council failed to follow regulatory guidance and advice before implementing the project.

“We continue to support all the local stakeholders in opposing this scheme.”

Colette Cardosi, Chair of Paisley First, agreed and also claimed that officials had failed to take on board both local business and local residents strong opposition to these proposals.

“The entire consultation process appears to be flawed with multiple Freedom of Information responses from the project team stating one thing, then at public meetings, the project team insisting otherwise,” said Colette.

“Despite the tender for the works not yet being issued, the project team still state that works will begin in May as they have to be completed by September, in order to be eligible for the funding.

“Given there is no evidence of demand for cycling, specifically between the two railway stations, as well as the project team’s admission that Sustrans are aware of the project, but not directly involved, we maintain our firm belief that this project cannot and must not be allowed to proceed.”

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  1. Well the cyclelanes they built in Beith Rd Johnstone through to Main rd Elderslie lasted only a few months until they were all ripped back out and it was all returned to what had been before. !
    Complete waste of money!


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